Paths of the Village

“Caminos de la Villa” is an online platform that enables the crowdsourcing mapping of the slums (villas) in Buenos Aires. Through this platform, citizens make visible the conditions of public service provisions in their neighborhoods. They can also monitor the progress of public works, and make claims or requests to the authorities with regards to their concerns.


National Dialogues

The National Dialogues were roundtable discussions organized by the government to achieve consensus on a long-term strategy for fighting hunger and further developing the country. Officials, private stakeholders, civil society organizations, and indigenous communities participated in these forums at the municipal, regional and national level.


Communal Councils

Communal councils are participatory bodies where communities gather to debate, formulate and implement public policy projects such as infrastructure or health care. Their activities take place across different administrative units, open assemblies, and committees. In 2009, there were close to 30,000 community councils in Venezuela, with an estimated eight million people participating in them.


National Conferences

The National Public Policy Conferences are a multilevel deliberative process by which citizens and officials debate on public policies in meetings that take place at the municipal, state, and national levels. The outcomes of these discussions are compiled in a publically accessible report. The conferences deal with diverse policy issues such as gender, health, education, culture, and human rights.


Citizen Oversight Offices

The “Veedurías Ciudadanas” are a mechanism for oversight and control by which citizens and community organizations are legally able to monitor projects, programs, contracts, and the delivery of public services. They oversee the work of both authorities and public or private organizations at the national and international level.


Councils for Rural Sustainable Development

The Councils for Rural Sustainable Development exhibit cases of participation at the local level, in which rural producers and social agents make decisions regarding their priorities. They also plan and distribute public resources which are allocated for sustainable rural development.


Negotiating Tables

The Negotiating Tables for the Fight against Poverty are forums for dialogue and negotiation between the government, civil society representatives and citizens through which they design social policies and economic policy programs. More than 500 tables have taken place at the regional, provincial and district levels.


For my Neighborhood

“For my neighborhood” is an online geolocation platform that allows the citizens of Montevideo to mark on a map problems related to public services, such as vandalism or flaws in public roadways. The claims are forwarded directly to the city administration’s Single System of Complaints, and citizens can monitor whether the issues reported are being addressed or have been solved.

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