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What's new @LATINNO?

We are very happy and excited since we have officially launched the first part of our project!

On June 27th, the LATINNO team presented the final database containing 2,400 democratic innovations in 18 countries in Latin America. The project's coordinator, Thamy Pogrebinschi, showed some final results together with a wonderful team of speakers with whom we exchanged thoughts and uncertainties about the role played by citizens in strengthening democracy in the region.

We want to give a special thank you to Wolfgang Merkel, Pedro Abramovay, Mark Warren, Leonardo Morlino, Svenja Blanke, Francesc Badia i Dalmases and Jordi Vaquer for your insightful and intriguing interventions. Thank you also to the more than 200 people who followed us online and to the +100 persons who came to the presentation! We look forward to continuing to engage with all of you in this important discussion!

For those who were not able to follow our live streaming, don't forget you can see the full presentation on our YouTube channel.

The second part of LATINNO has now officially started! We can't wait to show you what we discover along the way!


You are now able to search for, compare and assess 2,400 democratic innovations in 18 countries in Latin America over a two decades period of time, in Portuguese, English, and Spanish! Make sure you check the data visualization tools on our website!

LATINNO Project Launch Event!

LATINNO Launch Event Highlights! To see the full video of the launch event, visit our YouTube Channel.

New Publications

When do democratic innovations affect policy making?
Moving beyond input legitimacy
by Thamy Pogrebinschi and Matt Ryan




Latin America: democracy beyond representation
An interview with LATINNO´s founder and coordinator Thamy Pogrebinschi

(Article published in DemocraciaAbierta/openDemocracy in English/Spanish/Portuguese)
Digital Innovation in Latin America: How Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru
have been experimenting with E-participation

(Article published in DemocraciaAbierta/openDemocracy in English and Spanish)
Radio Interview with Thamy Pogrebinschi on the launch of the first part of the LATINNO Project (in Spanish)